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  • History of the Empire

    Major events within the Empire [[Day of Thunder 42 | Day of Thunder 42]] [[Scorpion Coup 1123 | Scorpion Coup 1123]] [[Second Day of Thunder 1128 | Second Day of Thunder 1128]]

  • Scorpion Coup 1123

    The Scorpion Coup of 1123, was quite possibly the most important turning point in the history of Rokugan. During this utterly chaotic time an Emperor was assassinated by his own spymaster, a Great Clan and the family of a Kami were cast out of Rokugan, …

  • Second Day of Thunder 1128

    The Second Day of Thunder occurred on the ninth day of the month of the Ox in the year 1128. It was on this day, as it was on the first Day of Thunder, that the Seven Thunders faced Fu Leng to defeat him and to save Rokugan. This battle ended the Clan War …

  • Day of Thunder 42

    The Day of Thunder was the battle that ended the War Against Fu Leng. On that day, the Seven Thunders, with Shinsei guiding them, entered the Shadowlands and marched deep into the territory of the Dark Kami, Fu Leng. The battle was terrible, and only …

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