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  • Alifu

    This Old man has been serving the Scorpion Magistrates for 20 years within Ryoko Owari. He is good at his job and is known for her good work ethic and wisdom. In that time who knows what skills he might have acquired.

  • Sanosoke

    A trained porter he is a native of The City of Lies and formerly lived in the Fisherman's Quarter. He tough and is know for getting into fights, most of the time he wins these. Alifu, hired him because of his know strength and abilities. The fights have …

  • Orin

    Know for being a decent cook Orin serves his second set of Magistrates. Before that he was a cook for the Thunder Guard Barraks.

  • Megumi

    She skilled in a number of different skills useful in the household, though she was hired for her ability to scribe and her etiquette.

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