Tsuruchi Minko

Former Mantis Magistrate turned Sensei


The Beautiful Minko is the youngest sensei in the Tsuruchi Archery school station at Kyuden Ashinagabachi. Her great beauty is attributed to her Crane mother.

Minko is polite, slightly reserved and a little stubborn. She heavily favours those that would be the under dog and is known for her patience and evenhanded treatment towards her students no matter where they might be from.


Tsuruchi Minko is the daughter of Tsuruchi Dairyo and Doji Hinako. Dairyo was rumoured to be Tsuruchi’s bastard son, it was never confirmed by either party and Dairyo often could be enraged by its mention. Minko grew up in some of the most turbulent times of the empire rarely seeing her father. She studied the Yumi from the moment she could hold one and nearly constantly practiced with it. When she was fifteen she won the annual archery contest at Kyuden Ashinagabachi and that resulting success got her a job as a Yoriki for a Mantis Magistrate. Within 4 years she was a magistrate for the Mantis herself, and was known for her fair and strict application of the law. Five years ago she was asked to become a sensei for the Tsuruchi school, a great honour. Since then she’s been a very attentive sensei for her students.

Tsuruchi Minko

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