Shosuro Yudoka

Current Shosuro Daimyo


Shosuro Yudoka was born in 1120, three years before the Scorpion Coup, to Shosuro Hametsu and his wife Shosuro Mikiko.

Hametsu used every resource to guard his two children, even going so far as to abandon them as nameless children to the Crane when the Scorpion were exiled to the Burning Sands. During the exile Yudoka was able to train in the arts of shinobi and became a highly trained operative.

While still a nameless Scorpion child fostered to the Crane, he faced his gempukku. A young Scorpion woman named Shosuro Nishiko liberated him from his Crane care, and became his best friend. During his gempukku Nishiko managed to take the Shadow Brand instead Yudoka, arguing that if she was lost to the Lying Darkness she was less skilled and therefore less of a future threat. After the Scorpion Clan returned Nishiko and Yudoka were separated by their duties.

Becoming Daimyo
Upon the return of the Scorpion from their exile, Yudoka was approached by Shosuro Hametsu’s Hatamoto, Shosuro Taberu. While dining with Taberu, Yudoka was informed about his true lineage, but he refused to believe it. Taberu told him it was a fact, because Taberu had added a deadly dose of Warui Paseri to the meal, and Hametsu’s son had been carefully made immune since his birth with doses of this poison. Yudoka buried himself in his new duty, and was considered one of the most dangerous men in the Empire. Only Bayushi Yojiro was ever known to have called him a friend. None but the Scorpion Champion knew just how closely Yudoka treaded to the edge of madness, and it was Yojiro’s influence that kept the ninja completely self-controlled.

Race to Volturnum
In 1133 Yudoka was part of the Empire armies that marched toward Volturnum, to stop the slaughtering of the souls of the dead by the Goju. He led a Scorpion force of archers that drew the attention of an ogre legion that were flanking a Crane and Lion forces. The scorpion fired them jade tipped arrows, and when the ogres charged they were surrounded by the scorpion who wielded shields covered with jade powder. The ogre were forced and pushed to fall into a pit dug by the Scorpion, and were killed there.

Hunting the Goju and Ninube
After the loss of Nishiko, Yudoka decided that the Shosuro should train assassins, not Ninja. Every Shosuro Shinobi were given new duties; to chase the corrupted pawns of the Darkness that had survived the War Against Shadow. When the Goju came under the control of the Shadowlands, Yudoka extended this duty to shadowlands creatures too. Yudoka was the first human to kill a Tsuno in personal combat.

Ninja Hatred
After these experiences Yudoka’s hatred against Ninja grew, and he never permitted anyone to use that word about him. Any who did would have to face deadly consequences.

Shosuro Yudoka

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