Shiba Tatori

Tensei with a Heart of Gold


Shiba Tatori dresses in Red kimono and Hakama with fire patterns embroidered on them. He is a handsome man and take great care of his clothes normally. His Shiba nature seems to slightly shield him form the normal divorced nature of Ishiken. He is attentive and careful while at court and never seems to have that distracted view of the world his peers have.

Most people find Tatori to be much less enigmatic than most Ishiken or normal depending if they ever met a Ishiken before. Tatori is fairly plain of speech and doesn’t hide from the truth. He is always keeping himself aware of his surroundings and makes sure that he never is reckless while using his void magic. He deeply loves his wife Yogo Ichikyo and will defend her from any attack from any source, even the Five Elemental Masters. He has also made peace with the fact that his own wife may kill him or otherwise betray him. It is all worth it in the end, of course being Ishiken might even allow him to cheat the curse if done right.


Tatori is one of the few Ishiken born in the last 30 years. almost none have born to the Isawa in that time and certainly none have been born since Agasha Seruma. Tatori had a fair normal childhood but his family fell on hard times. While Tatori was learning the ways of Ishiken, His father Shiba Ekeni ran afoul with some bandits. They had managed to take nearly half of the Imperial Tax money. Desperate to replace the money after a search could not locate the bandits. He encountered Yogo Sachi, a Wealthy man of the Scorpion clan. Yogo would loan Ekeni the money and keep his secret, if he would marry his son to Sachi’s daughter. Out of options, Shiba Ekeni agreed to the request, hoping that an arranged marriage to Yogo would not be bad for him. Mean while Tatori had met a fellow Shugenja in the Kyuden Shiba, Her name was Ichikyo and she was the most charming woman he had ever met, despite the fact she was Scorpion Tatori came to trust her completely. She fell deeply in love with him. If they had been think about it they might have figured out why both of them were summon back to their respective fathers at the same time. Tatori greeted the prospect of marriage with the correct and common reaction. he learned of his fathers problem and agree that his marriage to a Yogo was a small price to avoid the shame that would be caused. Tatori’s only real hope was that she was attractive and at least intelligent enough to converse with. He tried to convince himself that since she was a Yogo there was greater chance that she might be an attractive and intelligent woman given that really no one wants to marry a Yogo because of the curse. The day came for the introduction and to everyone shock Tatori and Ichikyo sat across from each other. Their marriage was quickly arrange for the following winter’s court. they have been marred now for 12 years. She has born him four Children, Ichro [seven years old], Buchiko [Five years old] and the twins, Niro [two years old]and Sanro [Two years old.] Tatori deeply love his wife and will face anything to defend her and his children. Since his father’s retirement, he looks after the same four villages his father did for the Shiba despite his Ishiken training. He is possibly the most disciplined Ishiken in his generation. Some even politely talk that should the Council would make him, Master of the Void should Ningen retire or die.

Shiba Tatori

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