Ikoma Satoshi

The Hopeful Herald


After a reasonable showing at the Topaz Champion, he orgininally settled into a quite post before Bayushi Yuki, called in a debt, that cause him to seek some time to address the matter. released from his oblications a number of events happened to lead him to be part of the Party that defended the Emperor from the unknown shadowlands attack. The Lion of undistiquished linage has become a hero. His desire to stay in Scorpion and be Yoriki to the Scorpion and Dragon that stood at his side, puzzles his Lion friends.

locally he seen as a Lion spy, or the Magestrates spy, or both as such people seem more guarded around him. however, he quickly also being noticed as the mouth piece of the magistrates at court.


Early in his bushi training, Ikoma Satoshi discovered he had an intense weakness to pain that meant he would never become a great warrior. Instead, he switched to the next best option. As a bard he recites the glory of the Lion, often travelling with the soldiers to the battlefield to get as close to the action as possible, to experience the thrill of battle vicariously. He was been sent to the Topaz Championship to unnerve the opponents of the other Lion contestants, but in his dreams he imagines himself as the one winning the final glory. That didn’t happen, resigned from the loss on the stage of the Empire, he returned to his lands to take up his tasks.

Ikoma Satoshi

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