Doji Nagori


Doji Nagori was a Crane Clan courtier, poet, story teller and playboy. A cousin to Doji Kurohito, Nagori has wanted for very little in life. He was a well liked man with many friends, his charm had earned him a well deserved reputation as a ladies man, and a bit of a mischievous but harmless trouble maker at times. Nagori adored his elder sister Doji Yasuyo, and the two were good friends.


At an early age, Nagori attended Winter Court with his sister Doji Yasuyo and his cousin Doji Kurohito. He learned that he could have fun telling stories, with beautiful women hanging on his every word. Nagori attended the Doji Courtier school at Kyuden Doji and quickly raise himself above the other students. However, Nagori never felt the drive to become a great courtier; he only wished to have fun. After his gempukku Nagori was given a very minor role in Kyuden Doji.

Hachi’s Friend
Topaz Championship Edit
After her sister’s gempukku in 1154 they both competed in the Topaz Championship, where they became good friends of Daidoji Hachi. The lowborn samurai reached the final, losing against Mirumoto Ukira. Hachi became a gunso of the Daidoji, while Nagori, currently a popular storyteller delighted to tell tales of his friend’s romantic affairs, depicting him as a brash playboy.

Doji Nagori

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