Doji Joshi

Emerald Magistrate, an ally of ronin


Joshi is a fit older man, that dresses in Blue kimono and hakama. These are often edged with Emerald green that matches the Emerald magistrate mon that he always wears. His daisho is very fine, they have very long handles that characterizes of the ones made during the Clan wars.

Doji Joshi is a hard to anger Crane who stare can freeze one in place. He old enough to have seen the worse times that the Empire has ever seen. Joshi is a little cynical and strangely will never give up. For reasons unknown he has developed affinity for Ronin, he always willing to give a ronin a chance as long as he or she hasn’t broken Imperial law. He is often teased for his love of smelly ronin. Joshi will coolly point out that if you give a ronin a chance they can often move mountains for you. He married his daughter to a ronin that had won her heart. Joshi would rather have a ronin Son-in-law than an unhappy daughter.


Joshi is old enough to remember the times before Emperor Toturi the First. Joshi was born to Doji Hanshi and Isawa Wako. Joshi’s father was quietly over joyed that is son tested poor for the abilities of Shugenja, thus saving him from the Isawa school. Instead he attended the Kakita Iaijutsu Ryu. Joshi served as a Yoriki to a Crane magistrate before taking a shift as one of the Empress’ Guards. While he was there he married Kakita Sakaki, a strong duelist, who secretly indulge in art. Despite there arrange marriage they grew happy together. The next turning point in Joshi’s life occurred when he was sent in pursuit of a bandit group. He met a Ronin that also want the bandits, dead that is. When Joshi asked why a Ronin would care about bandits, the Ronin reply that it had killed his wife. Joshi made a snide remark about a ronin loving a Ronin. The ronin replied that his wife was a farmer’s daughter. Joshi laughed at which point the Ronin challenged Joshi. At that moment Joshi had a single moment of absolute clarity. It humbled Joshi, he had seen in the ronin’s eyes anger and pain worthy of any samurai. Joshi apologized and thank the ronin for his lesson, puzzled the Ronin accepted his apology and they when forth and found the bandits. The ronin fought like ten men and shortly after the bandits were no more. Joshi offered the Ronin a job as a Yoriki but he declined saying that he had to return to his wife village and accept their judgment. Joshi never saw that ronin ever again. From that point on Joshi refused to judge any ronin by his class only by their ability. Occasionally he has been suckered by ronin due to his good nature but he has had three ronin Yoriki die taking blows meant for him, the two have served loyaly for years and a one won the heart of his daughter, Yoriko. Joshi will always give a ronin a fair chance, thus has a good reputation among the wave men of Rokugan. in 1154, he was appointed as a Emerald Magistrate. There he has proven to be a sharp mind and is one of the most trusted of Toshiken’s magistrates.

Doji Joshi

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