Daidoji Ogami

Daidoji Old Sensei


Location: Shiro Daidoji
Ogami is a rarity among the Crane, since he keeps a beard which is much more common among the Crab and Unicorn. His Daidoji Mon tattoos are as black as the day they were originally applied. There is a believe among the Daidoji that those who serve the family the best, never have their Tattoos fade. many Daijoi have a great deal of respect for Ogami because of this. Ogami favours the dark blues that some of his family favour to better fade into the background. Ogami is also old enough that he doesn’t have to dye his hair white, it already comes in that colour.

Ogami is a Stubborn old wolf of a samurai, who still serves his clan. If age normally slows a person down, it has skipped Ogami. He can still fight as well as men half his age. He has a deep robust sense of humour and has many tales of odd and funny things that have happened over his life. he love to share these over a nice bottle of sake. He also has an opinion on everything and will share with everyone.


Ogami is an old Crane, in fact he is old enough to remember when Doji Hoturi clearly. Ogami even learned his skills during the time Daidoji Uji, perhaps the Greatest Daidoji Daimyo of all time. Ogami can remember the Day of Thunder and the battles around the Imperial Palace. He served under Daidoji Uji during the Crane civil war and fought at the battle of Oblivions Gate. Ogami doesn’t study history, he has lived history. He has lived and seen battles against the Shadow, the Emperor acknowledging Kolat. He refuses to retire, Much like Doji Kenshin, he believe he can better serve all concerned by continuing to serve his clan. Currently he acts an sensei for the Daidoji Iron Warrior school. Ogami has a bit of a reputation of being bad luck, though as he has aged fewer people remember it.

Daidoji Ogami

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