Bayushi Daiyaro

Honourble Scorpion matchmaker


Location: Kyuden Bayushi
Daiyaro dresses in simple but fine red Kimono and sometimes Hakama. His kimono has the Bayushi mon on the back in black and Scorpion mon on his lapels. Daiyaro is a very handsome yet older man. His masks tend to be simple silk ones that cover the bottom of his face.

Daiyaro is a soft hearted man founds great joy in making people happy. He is a very compassionate man. Daiyaro has trouble understanding hate, as he never hate anyone. In short, he never what you expect in a Scorpion and that is his strength.


Daiyaro was born to Bayushi Genja and Shosuro Akanko, there was nothing different between his birth and his siblings. However, the Horoscope that was reveled by the Scorpion court astrologer labeled Daiyaro to be a great man. With this measure of pride Daiyaro’s took extra efforts. As he grew up though certain things became clear, first of he developed a very different sense of honour from his family. He embraced Bushido, he found himself to be a man of honour. His parents were disappointed, there was no way he be a great man in the Scorpion if he stuck to his beliefs. His father tried to break him of his habits, he failed, Daiyaro was too stubborn, he saw nothing wrong with Bushido. He resisted all change enduring what ever punishments that were heap upon him. Daiyaro was sent to the Bayushi courtier school. His sensei were perplexed, it was clear to them, that Daiyaro could excel at his lessons but when they involve harm people he wouldn’t do it. The Scorpion were going to totally give up on him, something they rarely do until what Daiyaro did for his cousin changed everything.

His cousin, Shosuro Kieko was deeply in love with a Crane Kakita Saki, who returned her feelings but was engaged to another woman from the Phoenix clan, Shiba Rioko. Seeing his cousin unhappy hurt Daiyaro as they had always been close because she never judge him. Perplex by the problem, Daiyaro when sleepless for several night until he had come up with the amazing solution. He find some else “better” to marry Shiba Kieko. Daiyaro when to work, despite the fact that he was Scorpion and had no connects he moved Phoenix lands. Six months later, his cousin was engaged to her love. Daiyaro even took care to find a man that Shiba Kieko would like, finding it in Utaku Nataro, a lonely Utaku man, who really wanted out of the Utaku lands and who had some horses that the Phoenix could use. Daiyaro’s sensei took notice, they couldn’t believe that this poor excuse for a Scorpion could do anything, so they investigated. They found not only did he mange to change the minds of Kakita Saki’s parents but he had done so without blackmail or any of the classic tricks of the Scorpion. not a single person was harmed in any way and yet Daiyaro had done his job. His sensei had to agree that he was worthy of the Bayushi school so he was given his genpakku.

The Scorpion sent him to winter court to be a match maker something he showed skill at and wouldn’t conflict with his sense of honour. The Crane, who largely control the matchmaking at winter court, laugh at him. he spent the winter handling the most despite and hard cases that the other match makers would touch. A couple low ranked samurai, one ronin who was tired of being lonely, a couple ugly daughters, the youngest sons of the large families. Daiyaro did his best, and by the end of the winter everyone was married or engaged, including the ronin. The Crane were amazed, and the rest of court started talking about the Scorpion who can do the impossible. Daiyaro has developed so rules that keep away some but they are part of his success. First, the person to be married must be 12 years old or older. Second, he must be allowed to interview the person to be married alone somewhere they can not be overheard. Third, Daiyaro doesn’t do specific request from parents, the parents can’t ask him to marry a certain person. They may request clans, families or a certain status level but Daiyaro prefers a few restrictions as possible. Since he tends to get the more hard luck cases, he tends to get people without restrictions. Over the years, Daiyaro has developed a reputation as a miracle worker, marrying off people that no one would ever think could be married. His kind even temper has made many people happy in the Empire. None of his marriages he has arrange has ever been unhappy, in fact some whisper, that Daiyaro has some special blessing from Benten other than his dashing good looks. Ironically or perhaps as a cost of making so many other people have happy marriages, Daiyaro has never married. He is well know through the Floating world, and often can be found in Geisha houses around the empire.

Bayushi Daiyaro

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