Asahina Osaka

The Quirky Asahina Maiden.


Location: Kyuden Doji
Osaka is a rather plain, young Crane woman. She tends to dress in simple Kimono and never gets to concerned about Winter Court fashion. She wears the Asahina Mon on her lapels and a large Crane mon on her back. Her obi often have Crane patterns as well. Osaka often looks like she staring off into space, not paying attention to the matter at hand. Most people that have met her recognized that vacant stare is when she has when she drifts into the mysteries of the world of man.

Osaka is a rather distant kind of woman that often gets lost in her on consideration. Osaka is a very likable person, if you are long on patience, it takes to tolerate her drifting. She isn’t dumb just a little [or alot] spacey. She normally quite cheerful and kind. She capable of broad leaps of thought and has a deep love of puns and twists on Language.


Asahina Osaka is the youngest daughter of Asahina Dasika and his wife Isawa Sakiko. Osaka has three older brothers, Kahiko 27,Saiki 25and Hatsu 20 and a older sister Sanchi 19 all of which have trained before her in the Asahina Shugenja Dojo. Osaka just had her Genpakku last year after several years of trying to get through her training. While it was very easy for her brothers and sister who were top in their respective classes, it has not been easy for Osaka, she has the talent of her family, but is prone to losing herself in her own thoughts. It is lucky that the Asahina do not give up easy, so they kept trying with her. Osaka has had a fascination with puns and twist on language since she was a little girl and her Grandfather taught her such riddles and puns. She can often catch people of guard with such puns and knowledge. Most people find it very distracting. Fate has cause Osaka to become a Jade Magistrate with the odd behavior of a Maho Tsuki manage to alert Osaka something was wrong and she single handed defeated him. Osaka’s studies have change towards Shadowlands and Maho Tsuki, while she finds the subject to be slightly disgusting, she also found a strange knack for it. It seems her leaps of logic can allow her to be accepting of the weirdness that encompass both topics.

Asahina Osaka

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