Welcome to Rokugan, the land of the Emerald Empire

The Year is 1158 since the beginning of the Empire, The Toturi Dynasty is beginning to show signs of being able to live up to the efforts of the Hantei Dynasty before it. Emperor Toturi has proved to be a wise ruler since the defeat of the Spirits during the Spirit War. The Empire is in a time of great plenty for most and the Emperor’s rule is seen as fair and Just. However the Omens for the comming year show conflict and strife, some talk of death. In the East the rumor is that one of the Lion’s Akodo is actually the Emperor’s Bastard son, and would be the oldest of his children. What shall these means to his three Ligitmate children Tsudao, Sezaru and Naseru. What that the future have in store for the Empire.

This is a fourth edition Legend of the Five Rings Game based heavily on player direction and choice, while their is an establish route for this history to unfold, Players can if they choice through their actions change that. The Choice to be dutiful samurai, Heroes of the time empire or villains of the empires shall lay in the hands of the players.

Legend of the Five Rings: Rise of the Four Winds

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