Hare Sun Spring

New Year’s Day – 1st

Festival to Togashi – 17th

Appeasement of Inari – 25th

Dragon Moon Spring

Painter’s day – Sundown of the 8th to sundown of the 10th

7-5-3- Festival – 13th

The Inari’s Festival – 18th

Cherry Blossom Festival – 23rd

Serpent Hantei Spring

Festival of Yoritomo – Mantis – 4th

Ebidu’s Day of Rest – 10th

Festival of the Bloody Stone – Otosan Uchi – 14th

Iris Festival/ Doll/Kite Festival – 25th

Horse Akodo Summer

Choyo no Sekku – 6th

Festival to Shinjo – Unicorn – 20th

Day of the Brother Hourse – Unicorn – 29th

Goat Doji Summer

Festival to Bayushi – Scorpion – 28th

Monkey Shiba Summer

Festival to Shiba – Phoenix – 1st

Days of Generosity – Ryoko Owari Toshi – 1st to 3rd

Kaze Matsuri, the Wind Festival – 1st to 3rd

Setsuban Festival – 8th

Rooster Bayushi Autumn

Festival to Doji – Crane -1st

Festival to Kakita – Crane – 2nd

Kanto Festival – 2nd

Festival of the Wandering Hero – Lion – 5th

Dog Shinjo Autumn

Bon Festival – 29th

Boar Hida Autumn

Festival to Hida – Crab – 3rd

The Star Festival – 9th

Rat Togashi Winter

Day of Thousand Silences – Scorpion – 1st

Festival of the Moon’s Wrath – Sunset 7th to Sunrise 9th

Ox Fu Leng Winter

Liberation Day –Ryoko Owari Toshi – 1st

Ascension of the Mantis – Mantis – 9th

Tiger The Tenth Kami Winter

Shouting Day – 4th

Festival of Leaves – Agasha – 5th to 10th

Festival of the Mirror – Shrine of Heaven’s Mirror – 9th

Festival to Akodo – Lion – 15th

Festival of Lights – Asoko – 19th

Year’s End Festival – 28th


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