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  • Required at Court

    1st day of the Ox The Magistrates are called to court to deal with some matters and report to the Governor on their Open Cases. Also the Court will celebrate Liberation Day.

  • Wait there were that many people dishonoured?

    3rd Day of the OX The Governor has the list of the people dishonoured or otherwise negatively affected by the Scorpion, as requested the list isn't short. Doji Masamune Utaku Nobutsuna Shinjo Mitsuhide Akodo Masanori Hida Kaihime Matsu Maeda …

  • Sohime

    Ali bought this ex-farmer's daughter for a koku, she isn't very skilled but is willing to try hard. she very quiet and never complains. She finds the quiet of the garden to be much to her liking, she spends what ever free moments she does get there being …

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