Legend of the Five Rings: Rise of the Four Winds

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All things must have a beginning before they can have a end. So shall this be with Epic tale of Samurai, duty, honour and magic. The game will be fourth edition L5R RPG and they are no current restriction on character types. All characters will be rank one on the verge of their Genpuku.

Topaz Championship
Where youth will become adults

The celebrated Topaz Championship was delayed because of the illness of the Daimyo that governs the area. In this winter without a winter court, it has been decided for those worthy shall come together for the Topaz Championship. The Crane are looking to both save face and making it the event of the winter this year. Imperial Princess Toturi Tsudao will be the Imperial Family’s representative. the chance to meet the most likely heir to the Emperor, is a chance not to be missed. The Scorpion have sent five of their best to win favour. It is to start the 6th Day of the Rat 1157.

Topaz Championship Day two
Questions answered

On the Seventh day of the month of the Rat 1157 year according to the Isawa Calander, those participating in the Topaz Championship, have found an uneasiness from the vipers within the obstacle course pit. mutterings can be heard across Tsume, on who is responsible and why the Crane were unable to prevent it. The Contestents must push it aside and keep moving through the matches of the day.

Arrival in the City of Lies
New day of work

18th day of the Rat, after ten day trip through the Lion and Scorpion lands where they bring stories of the challenges of the Topaz Championship to the lands of the Lion and Scorpion the Players arrive in the City of Lies to maintain order for the Scorpion family. First order of business will meet the new Governor of the City.

Firemen and danger Oh my!
Settle in.

21st day of the month of the Rat

The Magestrates of the Scorpion clan have been seen in town and have not gone unnoticed by the other site of the city. the rumour mill spreads word of the magistrates youth and inexperienced. Soon they will have to be tested, will they bend or brake.

Aftermath of Raid on a farm
More questions few answers

23rd day of the Rat

Rounds up the four Bandits and who ever else was present. Kitsune Ren becomes a guest.

Required at Court
Magistrate to report.

1st day of the Ox

The Magistrates are called to court to deal with some matters and report to the Governor on their Open Cases. Also the Court will celebrate Liberation Day.

Wait there were that many people dishonoured?
Suspects a plenty

3rd Day of the OX

The Governor has the list of the people dishonoured or otherwise negatively affected by the Scorpion, as requested the list isn’t short.

Doji Masamune
Utaku Nobutsuna
Shinjo Mitsuhide
Akodo Masanori
Hida Kaihime
Matsu Maeda
Yogo Kotarō
Yasuki Saigō
Kitsuki Hanzō
Ikoma Tadakatsu
Hida Naomasa
Kuni Mitsunari
Kakita Kiyomasa
Ikoma Keiji
Daidoji Chacha
Otomo Musashi
Mirumoto Ranmaru
Isawa Kanetsugu
Ikoma Nobutada
Shinjo Magoichi
Utaku Yukimura
Ujina Kojirō
Hotaru Katsuie
Shiba Sakon
Tsuruchi Nōhime
Asako Oichi
Otomo Nene
Horiuchi Komatsuhime
Ide Hosokawa
Akodo Okuni
Doji Satokane
Utaku Isas
Shinjo Nagamasa
Ikoma Motochika
Kuni Masamune
Kasuga Ujiyasu
Moto Yoshimoto
Shinjo Kiyomasa
Kakita Toshiie
Doji Nagayoshi
Yoritomo Motonari
Otomo Sōrin
Ikoma Dōsan
Hida Masayuki
Yasuki Yoshihiro
Ide Ginchiyo
Kakita Muneshige
Shinjo Shingen
Shiba Kenshin
Utaku Hideie

Investigation Results
Fireman, faction Oh my

Ten days has passed and it time to reflect on what has been discovered.

Letters have returned from some of the clans.


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