Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess

Golden Obi of the Sun itself


The Golden Obi was a thick sash of bright yellow silk. It does not generate light itself, but radiated brightly when a sunlight touched its surface. During night it can iluminate the area nearby with stored, and it could wound a Shadowlands creature.


Centipede Founder

The Golden Obi was crafted by the first generation oi the Moshi family. When the original Isawa Moshi, the Centipede Clan Champion Moshi Azami, was an extremely old woman, she walked to the cliffs overlooking the sea and used her magic to soar into the sky. No trace of her was ever found save for her obi.

Toturi Tsudao

Moshi Jukio, the Moshi Daimyo, well known for her wisdom and devotion to Lady Sun gave the Golden Obi to Toturi Tsudao, who many believe is the reincarnation of Lady Sun.

Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess

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