Emerald Armour

Armour more than a 1000 years old


Composed primarily of thick, supple leather and strong steel plates, the majority of the armor was a green shade that seemed to constantly mutate as light flashes upon it. Despite the protection it afforded, the Emerald Armor was extremely light and did not hinder the movements of its wearer. The armor was crafted by the finest armorers in all of Rokugan. Countless enchantments had been placed upon the armor to preserve it and protect the samurai who wore it. It looks like heavy armour to the Lay person.


The Emerald Armour (or Armour of the Emerald Champion) was the most recognizable symbol of the Emerald Champion’s authority. Worn first by Kakita, the armour has been use since the Dawn of the Empire, in fact it existed before the offical creation of the Emerald Champion.

Emerald Armour

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