Yogo Koji

Current Yogo Daimyo


At the time he was Daimyo, Koji was a small man with a ratlike face and long, droopy moustache. He smiled too much and had a pronounced facial tick, but such strange habits were not unusual for those who delved as deeply into his family’s art as he.


Yogo Curse

The Yogo Curse manifested to Koji in the middle age, leaving him with virtually nothing. He discovered the cultists of the Moon planned to kill his wife and child, so he raced to save them only to discover his father, the Yogo Daimyo Yogo Masuhiro, was also a target. Koji raced back to save his father, only to arrive too late. In the end all his family had been killed; his father, wife and child.

Yogo Daimyo
After the death of his elder brother, who had no heir.

Yogo Koji

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