Yasuki Hachi

The Appointed Daimyo of Yasuki by Emperor Toturi


Yasuki Hachi is a very Handsome man, they envy of many men and desire of many women.


Daidoji Hachi was a bushi of the Crane Clan who was believed to have been the closest in line to the Yasuki family title. He changed his name to Yasuki Hachi and served as the Yasuki Daimyo for both the Crane and Crab Clan.

Hachi was born to a low stationed Daidoji family, and his life was anything but easy. His younger sister had been fostered to the Scorpion Clan when they returned from the Burning Sands as a show of good faith. When his parents died in the War of Spirits, she decided to remain among the Scorpion, hiding all evidence of her Crane heritage and becoming a Scorpion forevermore. It made leaving Hachi alone in the world.

Topaz Champion
In 1154 4 Hachi was offered the chance to participate in the Test of the Topaz Champion by a comrade of his father. Hachi took part and managed to reach the final, where he lost to Mirumoto Ukira. Hachi performed well enough to gain a position as gunso in the armies of the Daidoji. Hachi had competed beside Doji Yasuyo and Doji Nagori, who went on to become to of his closest friends. Hachi trained at the Kakita Dueling Academy and became an accomplished duelist.

Gunso Daidoji Hachi
Hachi served as minor gunso of the Daidoji family. Hachi apparently earned a reputation for being somewhat indiscreet in his affairs with a Doji provincial governor’s twin daughters.

The tales of Hachi’s romantic adventures were numerous. Once won a duel against an angered Scorpion husband, but Hachi claimed he did not know she was married at the time. Another time he apologize to have an affair with a Doji governor’s twin daughters, who Hachi swore he did not realize were twins. Hachi’s friend Nagori, now a popular Crane storyteller delighted to spread these tales.

Yasuki Daimyo’s heir
Toturi I selected a low-ranking Daidoji, Daidoji Hachi.

Imperial Histories
The ancestry of the Yasuki family was traced, and Hachi was found in the Imperial Histories to be the next in line to be the Yasuki Daimyo. Hachi had twelve of the Merchant Coins, a gift to the Yasuki upon the founding of the Asahina family of the Crane Clan. Many believed that his possession of the coins conferred legitimacy upon his recent appointment.

Yasuki Hachi

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