Utaku Shinji

Utaku Bushi Courtier


Shinji is a well developed young man who is very fond of his military training despite he tend now to spend much time in court. He favours his armour and will wear it any chance he gets. As such he much more willing to take an active hand in issue when brought forth. He tends to simple purple Kimono and Hakama when out of his armour. Shinji’s Grandfather was a huge Unicorn and was given a very special Katana made especially for him by the best Unicorn Smith of the age. As a result Shinji’s Katana is a good ten inches longer than your average katana. On the rare occasions that he allowed to have it at a function where armour isn’t allowed he tends to carry it in his hand.

Shinji is a pragmatic young man who not afraid to suggest new ideas or apply military tactics to non-military matters. He a rather cool man to deal with and keeps his tongue better than some Unicorn. Shinji has a slightly bitter resentment for the women of his family as a result strong matriarchal nature of his family.


Shinji is the youngest child of Utaku Reyui and her husband Shinjo Sareki, Shinji has three older sisters, Waiko 29, Sae 27, and Buriko 25. Shinji is very jealous of his sister’s Utaku training and their huge horses. Shinji is determined to be a great person than his sisters combined. like many Utaku males he took training at the Shinjo Bushi Ryu and be came a good horseman. Shinji didn’t spend a lot of time Utaku lands instead spending it on the Lion Unicorn boarder patrolling it. His cool temper brought him notice to some of the officers in the Unicorn which passed the information to some of the members gathering to go to winter court. An Ide Aiki decided that he would take Shinji to the Court in the Phoenix lands. Shinji has spend the last couple years. Archery has been quite a popular event among the Phoenix court and Shinji is one of the best. Still he was just a Yojimbo until the death of Ide Aiki of illness. The unicorn, who had started their fight with the Lion had not time or ability to send a new courtier to the Phoenix capital. As a result Shinji was forced to take the role of emissary for the Unicorn. In the last two months the fighting has gone well enough for the unicorn to get reports from Shinji. Currently the Moto leadership is happy with Shinji’s work and will keep him in his current position. While Shinji longs for combat, he recognizes that it might be court that he will be able to out shine his sisters rather than battle.

Utaku Shinji

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