Utaku Shen


Shen is an incredibly beautiful woman. she wears the Utaku mon on her left shoulder so that it easily seen when she horse back. The Unicorn mon is on her back. Her red hakama seems slightly off of a Unicorn but she does wear it well.

Shen is a strong willed, intelligent young battle maiden. She not prone to the passion or temper of her fellows. She somewhat blunt and prefers to say what she feels rather than what would be better received. Given that much of the Empire considers her a Barbarian keeps her from getting into too much trouble. She often feels drawn to Crane especially to there men but is puzzled sometimes at their reaction to her. Still she still views them more favourable than the Lion, who she has much distrust for.


Shen is the Daughter of Utaku Saki and Ide Ichiro, she inheired her battle skills from her mother and her even headiness from her father. Through her childhood she stayed largely in Unicorn lands learning to fight among the Utaku. When she was twelve, she when with her father to Kyuden Doji. She marveled at the wonders that the large civilize castle of the Crane had. She gather an interest in the old ally, the Crane, at this time. Currently Shen is Yojimbo for a minor Ide diplomat called Ide Darise. As a result she is often in court, where she learned to keep her mouth shut. Still she can sometimes finds her eyes wandering towards any attractive male Cranes in the room.

Utaku Shen

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