Utaku Genshi

Bad tempered battle maiden.


Utaku Genshi was a Battle Maiden of the Unicorn Clan appointed at Ryoko Owari Toshi.


Genshi had a sister, Utaku Naishi. Her uncle was Ide Baranato, who had two sons, Ide Michikane and Ide Asamitsu.

Bad temper

Genshi was seen as a dangerous and impetuous woman. The Emerald Magistrate Matsu Shigeko intervened in a brawl between Genshi and her servants against vassals of Bayushi Korechika. She was forced to make an apology to Korechika to avoid any charge on her. The next year, she came to blows with Korechika’s son, Bayushi Otado. Shigeko arrived before baldes were crossed and cuffed Genshi.

Utaku Genshi

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