Tsuruchi Ukyo

Wasp in Mantis clothing


Ukyo is a fairly attractive woman. She tends to dress in black Kimono with green Trim. The black harks back to one of the Wasp Clan colours. She ties back her sleeves so they don’t get in the way of her yumi. those who look closely will find black mon of the Wasp on her back and lapels even around the Mantis mon on her back.

Ukyo is a serious young woman with a deep interest in honour her father and what she believes are the true value of the Wasp Clan. As Emerald magistrate she is totally loyal. She hunt her own clan if need be. As a result she not well loved by the Yoritomo Family who sometimes end up be her targets. Of course the leaders of the Yoritomo can’t really admit that they have clan members engaging in sanctioned piracy of the other clans thus have done nothing against Ukyo. Ukyo understand Bushido but doesn’t follow it, she follows the code of Tsurushi that was developed by Tsuruchi. Ukyo carried a Daisho that was given to her father for loyal service to Emperor Toturi the First. She only care about them as gifts from the Imperial Family not because of the normal attachment samurai have for their daisho.


Ukyo is the attractive daughter of Tsuruchi. Saini and his wife Okene. Saini remembers well the glory days of the Wasp clan and as a result had his only child late in his life. Tsuruchi always reminded Ukyo that she a child of a true wasp not the members who sold out their clan to the Mantis. Saini never liked being a Mantis, he remembers the old days of the Minor clan. Now power plays simply bounty hunting and being true to your clan. Saini always though that the Wasp were a noble minor clan. he couldn’t abandon his clan when Tsuruchi had decided that the wasp were to join the Mantis, he owed Tsuruchi too much. He still disliked the Mantis and the almost base greed of their actions. The Wasp accepted money to hunt criminals, but it was a means of survival not a pursuit of wealth itself. Ukyo has to a degree inherited this trait. She dislikes the Pirates that seem to infest her clan and the raw Ambition that seems to also rule the Mantis. Ukyo’s mother was the daughter of a farmer that Saini fell in love with late in his life. Shortly After Ukyo’s Genpakku when she was 14 years old, Her father retired from being a Emerald magistrate. Saini used his remaining influence to get his daughter appointed to the Emerald magistrate. Since then Ukyo has served along the Coast as a Emerald Magistrate and done a very good job.

Tsuruchi Ukyo

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