Toturi Tsudao

The Sword - First Child of Emperor Toturi the First


The beautiful daughter of Toturi I, she know for her fairness and virtue. In many informal circles she cosider one of if not the most beautiful women in the Empire and also one of the most skilled Samurai-ko of her age.


Toturi Tsudao was the second child and only daughter of Toturi I and the first child he had by Isawa Kaede. She was the sister of Toturi Sezaru and Hantei Naseru and half-sister of Akodo Kaneka. She was known as The Sword and Lady of the Sun.

Tsudao was born in 1136, the first child of Toturi and Toturi Kaede, Tsudao quickly showed and aptitude for both single combat and large-scale tactics. By the age of six she had memorized both the Book of Sun Tao and Akodo’s Leadership. By the age of ten she had beaten her own Akodo sensei in single combat.

War of Spirits
Even being very young, Tsudao fought against the army of Hantei XVI beside Shiba Tsukune.

Tsudao carried on a brief romance with Doji Tanitsu in her teenage years, but was ended by Tanitsu unwilling to bring dishonor to the Imperial House.

Imperial Legions
Shortly after her gempukku, Tsudao was appointed to an officer’s position in the First Imperial Legion. When a unified force of Yobanjin attacked the Phoenix lands. It led the First Legion into battle, in the campaign known as the Yobanjin Incursion.

Battle of the False Wall
At the Battle of the False Wall she fought alongside the Hida and Hiruma and led them to victory in hidden tunnels the Kaiu Engineers had never dug.

Battle for the River Palisade
At the Battle for the River Palisade she killed the bandit lord and his fourteen champions.

Battle of Sunrise Mountain
At the Battle of Sunrise Mountain she fought alongside the Shinjo and Moto against the northern barbarians, who had come raging down from the mountains in search of soft lands to plunder but finding only death. Tsudao’s war agains the Yobanjin led her to another victory in Yushosha Seido Mura in 1152.

Fighting again the Yobanjin
The Yobanjin invaded Rokugan in 1154, but were repulsed by Toturi Tsudao and the Imperial Legions. The Sons of the Wind tribe, the Isawa family’s long-time secret ally, covertly aided Tsudao’s forces in locating and destroying rogue Yobanjin encampments.

Toturi Tsudao

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