Toturi Sezaru

Toturi Sezaru, the Wolf


Sezaru’s hair has a striking apprearance given it mostly gone white starting from when he was a child.


Toturi Sezaru was the third child and second son of Toturi I by Isawa Kaede. During his contention for his father’s throne, he was known as The Wolf and Son of the Void. He has one older sister, Toturi Tsudao, a younger brother, Hantei Naseru, and a half brother, Kaneka.


In 1137 the second child of Toturi and Toturi Kaede was born under signs of great fortune. Sezaru’s hair became white (an omen of an Ishiken) shortly after birth and his aptitude for magic study surpassed even his mother’s at the same age.

Sezaru was trained by the Isawa, Agasha, and Tamori families, and spent some time with the Kitsu, learning much of the cosmology of Rokugan.

On the day of his gempukku, he killed an oni sent to murder him. A group of Bloodspeakers had attacked, summoning an oni to slay Toturi’s son. The young Sezaru destroyed the demon single-handedly, and then attended to the maho-tsukai as well. 4 Sezaru took the nickname the Wolf since that day, and always carried a curved silver dagger with him. The dagger was filled with the purity of Void. His Isawa mentors gifted him with a mask which was the symbol of Sezaru’s lineage – child of the Son of Heaven and the Oracle of the Void.

Toturi Sezaru

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