1. Togashi Tatsuo トパーズ の チャンピオン

Dragon Monk


A well muscled, graceful young man who has just passed his Gempukku. Head and face Clean shaven, he wears a simple pair of black silk pants and sturdy footwear, which allows his Dragon tattoo to rise uncovered along his right side, arm and onto his neck and shoulders.

He has an unblinking reptilian Amber eyed stare that puts people ill at ease. But those who get to know him see that he likes to smile and laughs easily. They also learn that his strange eyes and lack of blinking are a side effect of having received a Mantis tattoo at a very early age. The Mantis is hidden among the scales of his Dragon Tattoo.


His proficiency in Jujitsu has increased in leaps and bounds over the time spent as Magistrate of Ryoko Owari Toshi. (Skill Rank 7)

He was named Topaz Champion for the year of the Rat 1157 and was awarded the Topaz Champion’s Armour.

Currently Assigned a Position as a Magistrate in Ryoko Owari Toshi, he is attempting to adjust to his new surroundings and scorpion allies.

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1. Togashi Tatsuo トパーズ の チャンピオン

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