Soshi Kanako

Soshi Shugenja Duelist


Soshi Kanako is little more athletic than most Scorpion women. Her gray eyes are like ice and her black hair can go down to her butt when unbound but it is normally is a courtier style. she has a figure that is well highlighted by her provocatively cut kimono. Her kimono is very feminine and cut to show her beautiful figure, it is normally black with red highlights with red Mon of Soshi on the lapels, the back of her kimono is actually the Bayushi mon not the standard Scorpion mon it is done in black silk on red background her formal kimono is the same with the colour reversed except on the back. She has a a Hakama that she will put on before dueling.

She normally seems a little distant like she is observing people from afar even if they are right beside her. She dislikes people treating her like a piece of china, rather than a woman of ability. She also dislikes macho men that think that either women or Shugenja are weak. She has a very cold appearance when dueling like she became made of ice. Some have joke you can’t cut her. At court she often has a tongue that bites like the north wind. However she has a soft spot for children.


Soshi Kanako is a bit of an enigma even to her own clan. She is both a skilled Shugenja and a skilled duelist. In fact her skill with her Katana is better know than her skill with magic. Her own clan shugenja have use her on occasion as their champion. The Scorpion normally leave her to her own devices. She in not afraid of anyone and meets any threat with the same icy coldness. Kanako comes from a perfectly normal Scorpion family, at a young age she developed an interest in bushido, her Parents disapproved but the more they punished her the more of a interest she had. She also developed a interested in Iaijutsu. she saw her first duel when she was ten, she was already studying the basics at Soshi Ryu but she some times would sneak of and ask the bushi at Kyuden Soshi and get them to show her a tip or two. after her Genpakku at the age of 15, she was assigned to Kyuden Bayushi where she met Bayushi Hajime, who took her as a Private student and taught her Iaijutsu. She has spent a lot of the last five years in Crane lands representing the Scorpion in a number of the smaller courts, as a result she knows the Crane quite well. Kanako has her share enemies however, Matsu Aeko is the sister of a Matsu woman that was cut down in a duel with Kanako. She swears revenge despite the fact it was a legal and fair duel. Everyone has a secret and Kanako’s is that she in love with Bayushi Paneki. She knows this love is never going to mean anything as she far too low in rank to attract his attention.

Soshi Kanako

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