Shosuro Yasuko

Dangerous beauty of the Scorpion


An extremely beautiful woman, known to turn heads anywhere she goes.


Since childhood Yasuko stood in the shadow of a legend, Bayushi Kachiko. Everyone compared her beauty and innate talent for intrigue to that of the Scorpion Thunder, and even so Yasuko never minded that much. Who would complain about being compared to a legend? Yasuko became more interested in making her own name known, and to achieve this she made herself instrumental in the efforts of the Scorpion’s attempt to usurp the power of the Crane Clan in the Imperial courts.

Yasuko’s father had been falsely accused and led not only to his death but to a stain upon her family name. Bayushi Kaukatsu intervened and proved the accusation cleansing the Tokagure name. Yasuko met Kaukatsu in 1157 at Kyuden Bayushi, who put her under the tutelage of Soshi Tishi, enrolled in Honor’s Lesson Dojo, to be trained in the arts of politics and etiquette, to be given a future position in the Imperial Court. Yasuko swore her loyalty to Kaukatsu.

Kaukatsu gifted her a small wooden box, a Puzzle Box, which she had for many years. Bayushi Hirono was her Yojimbo.

Shosuro Yasuko

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