Shosuro Myako

Bayushi Trained Shosuro


Myako is an attractive rather pale young Rokugan woman. She dress in a red kimono with Scorpion Mon on the lapels. A Bayushi mon graces her left arm and a Shosuro Mon graces her right. She also wears a Black Hakama with set of Scorpions embroidered along the edge of the legs. Myako’s mask is a veil like mask of sheer black silk.

Myako is a quiet, reserved young samurai-ko. She is very loyal to her clan and quite willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Her bad health often causes other to help her out or feel responsible for her, often giving her an advantage when dealing with other clans. Myako is intelligent and quite capable to a point, she is limited by her weak health. It sometimes cause her to faint or otherwise cause her problems when she trying to do stuff. Because of this others often think of her as being a little dim and not a threat. She not helped by the amount of ill luck that follows her around. When engaged in conversation she is pleasant enough and rather easy to talk to. She tries to know her limitations but doesn’t always managed to get things done when her bad health or bad luck kick in.


Myako comes from a long line of noted Shosuro Actors her Father, Shosuru Seika (35) was a direct student of Shosuro Yudoka. Her Mother, Shosuro Gyuko(30) was a famed Shosuro Actress. Myako has three younger brothers, Taro (12), Jiro (10) and Sanro (5). Myako has always been a rather quiet person. She has always had some trouble with her health she was bedridden as a child three times. Her parents were perplexed, in the end she was sent to the Bayushi Bushi School with the hope that she manage. The sensei there simply attuned the their lessons slightly to bring out strengths of Myako’s character. They managed to find what she excelled in and taught her to exploit other weakness. Myako learned that she could use her weakness to cause weakness in others. Myako was finally given her Gempakku, it is now time for her to prove that she has learned her lessons well.

Shosuro Myako

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