Shiba [Yogo] Ichikyo

Yogo Bride to the Shiba


Shiba Ichikyo is a beautiful woman. She doesn’t rank up there with the famous beauties of the Scorpion, Crane or Phoenix clans but she is beautiful enough to draw the eyes of those men who don’t mind her red hair. Ichikyo has given up her mask upon her marriage to Tatori. She has the sheer black silk mask of her youth. She dressed in complicated patterned kimono with mix of her old clan colours and her new clan. She often seems to be just a couple steps away from her husband. Rather than wearing the Yogo Mon she keeps a fan that has the mon on its paper. This fan is never far from her Obi.

Ichikyo remains a Scorpion at heart, while she often seems like a kind and noble woman. It is an act just to keep the Phoenix clan happy. She can be a totally ruthless, lie, cheat and if necessary kill. Due to her marriage she has little needs for these skills but she keeps them ready if need arises. She deeply loves her husband and will do anything to protect him. At times she wonder if it her nature that will eventually harm her husband in some manner while defending him. At times she can become depressed and despondent with the knowledge at some point she shall betray her husband in some manner.


Born with red hair, Ichikyo seemed to be doubly cursed. Red hair seemed to be a bad mark and she was already a Yogo. Her childhood was normal as it can be for a Yogo Shugenja. Her father was a caretaker of the some of the valued parts of the Yogo lands, as such he was a wealthy man, still he could not arrange a good marriage for his daughter. Her father had her fostered to the Kuni for her education, in the hopes that perhap a Crab would take interest in her. She had her genppaku at the age of 15. She traveled with her father on trade missions has a sort of helper and guard. In this manner her father left her to look after some minor trades at Kyuden Shiba while he journeyed through the rest of the Phoenix lands. There she met Shiba Tatori and soon fell deeply in love with him. To her utter surprise Tatori fell in love with her. Tatori shared everything with Ichikyo, She deeply loved all of the attention she got from her marriage and children. She dearly loves her four Children Ichro [seven years old], Buchiko [Five years old] and the twins, Niro [two years old]and Sanro [Two years old.] And prays to the Kami that they might be spared from the Yogo Curse. The chances of all of them being spared are not likely but she still prays for them. However her greatest love is for her husband, who has always been loyal. As of late her knowledge of the Shadowlands and maho has served her well in the Phoenix lands as they crack down on the Bloodspeakers in those lands. Her aid has the caused the destruction of seven cells of bloodspeakers.

Shiba [Yogo] Ichikyo

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