Seppun Toshiken

Sick Emerald Champion


Seppun Toshiken or Kakita Toshiken was the illegitimate son of Kakita Toshimoko and brother of Kakita Ichiro. Toshiken killed Ichiro in a duel when he discovered his brother’s plot to kill their father. After killing Ichiro he adopted his son, Kakita Noritoshi.

Early Years
When in 1110 a yojimbo’s daughter, Seppun Jifuhime, gave birth to Toshiken, she had sent a secret letter with an artisan named Doji Teioko to inform the father, Kakita Toshimoko, of his son. Jifuhime was sent to a monastery, and her son was given to others of the family to raise. He only knew the name of his father many years later, when his mother was in her deathbed.

Seppun Toshiken
Toshiken quickly learned he was considered a shame because of the circumstances of his birth. During his training in the Seppun dojo he focused on the art of iaijutsu, becoming a feared duelist who never was worried again to hear ill of his mother. He was appointed in the Imperial Guard of Otosan Uchi and the Imperial Legion.

His father’s son
In 1124 Toshiken passed his gempukku and one year later he had already won three duels. Toshimoko had chosen to deny any knowledge of the boy because he felt that he had failed so greatly in raising his first son, Kakita Ichiro, that to meddle in Toshiken’s life would only make matters worse. Toshimoko had watched Toshiken from afar and was quietly proud of the boy’s progress.

His half-brother Ichiro told Toshiken of how their father was shamed by his illegitimate son and how Toshimoko despised him. Toshiken was driven with the desire to surpass his father to prove his worthy.

Toshiken was married to a woman who bore him two children, Seppun Ishiko and Seppun Sajiro. He married later a second time to Seppun Kossori, and had a third child, Kakita Atoshi. Toshiken decided to follow his father’s destiny instead his mother’s.

Emerald Champion
Toshiken was the first Emerald Champion to be appointed by an Emperor in 1132. He was a prodigy with the blade and Toturi I appointed him quickly as the third Imperial Edict after having been rescued from Morikage Toshi. Toshiken’s disgust for the Crane Clan made itself quickly evident as many magistrates in Crane lands were quickly assigned to other areas. The Crane lands quickly fell into lawlessness and strife.

Madness of Toturi
His first duty was to be second in the seppuku of Takuan, who despised the Emerald Champion. It was Toturi’s final insult against his former friend. His second duty was to slaughter the Imperial Court. Toturi threatened to kill Toshiken’s children instead, but they had already been taken over by the Lying Darkness When Toshiken reported to the Emperor his two sons were in Toturi’s presence, and their faces faded away replaced by featured eggshells. Toshiken fled the Imperial Palace gathering any member of the Toturi’s Army who believed his tale.

Return of the True Champion
After the return of his father in the Assault of Otosan Uchi, Toshiken and his brother Ichiro confronted his father. They were resentful of his failure as a father, neglecting them. Toshimoko admitted his guilty, but affirmed he had little choice but to fullfill his duties. Toshimoko asked his son’s forgiveness. The Grey Crane said to Toshiken it was the one only chance to save the Empire, taking both of their swords. Goju was waiting beyond the Fields of the Dead, and he believed the Emerald Champion must face him. Ichiro drew a knife to kill his father, but Toshiken cut his half-brother down. Toshiken would rise Ichiro’s son, Kakita Noritoshi.

Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness
Seppun Toshiken
In the sixth of the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness Toshiken met Hitomi and asked her how would die him. The Lady told Toshiken that he would die with honor, but first he would have to atone for his sins with the blood of his family.

War against Shadow
Shosuro killed several and Toshiken’s blows fell like rain, but Shosuro only laughed, then cocked her head and vanished. In 1133 Toshiken marched to Volturnum alongside with the Empire armies to fight the Shadows.

Since then he has fulfilled his duties with honour though his age is now deeply showing and he has been sick and unable to travel from the capital in the last six months.

Seppun Toshiken

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