Okami Hajime

Ronin Duelist Casanova


Like many ronin, Hajime’s Kimono and hakama are worn from many days on the road. Hajime’s personal mon is embroidered on the back of his Kimono. His personal mon is a Wolf with a Katana in his mouth. Women find Hajime to be incredible handsome and Hajime is not afraid to use his charm to his advantage when he can. It is handy to look so good to women even when covered in mud after all.

Hajime is a prideful ronin, who believes that in battle he is equal to any of those Clan Samurai and he knows he can take much better care of himself in the wild. Hajime likes nothing better than defeat a Clan samurai in a duel. Hajime grudgingly respects any who beat him, though it won’t stop him from being on the other side of a battle. Above all Hajime is a survivor, he does what ever he needs to survive. He is not a bandit but isn’t above stealing when he needs to or taking an assassination job, of course Hajime generally just provokes duels to the death and wins.


Hajime’s father,Ikena was a ronin cast out of his clan, Hajime never found out from what clan. Hajime’s mother, Onashi was a farming woman of fair looks seven years younger than Ikena.. Despite this Hajime was raised in happy home filled with love. Hajime learned bushido and combat from his father. When Hajime was 14 his father sent him to a near by town to get some supplies. when Hajime returned he found his mother crying. His mother explained that a Dragon Samurai had come and made demands that Ikena though were unreasonable, he protested and then with out warning the Dragon samurai drew his Katana and killed Ikena, however, Ikena managed to draw made a weak slash at his kill leaving a upside down J cut on the Dragon’s face. Hajime’s mother and him mourned for his father the customary 40 days and then Onashi cut her throat to join her husband in death. Hajime was beside himself with grief which gave way to rage. He would find this Dragon samurai and kill him. Hajime buried his mother beside his father and set off on his quest for revenge. The Road was long but he pursued the Dragon across Rokugan. Nearly two years passed before he managed to catch up to him and in a sake house on the Crab Crane board he met his foe. with a shout of “I am Hajime, son of Ikena. You killed my father, prepare to die.” Hajime charges the Dragon, the dragon jumped back and drew his Katana. they exchanged blows each managing to parry the others attack. Hajime offered a quick prayer to his father and Hajime’s next strike broke the Dragon’s katana in two continuing on to kill the Dragon. Hajime stood now in a room full of samurai with drawn Katana. In that moment he realize that he had to develop better planing if he lived through this that is. Thankful a Crab magistrate stepped forth and demanded answers on why Hajime had killed this Dragon. Hajime explained his reasons. The crab asked for proof and a dragon samurai came forth from the table that the now dead Dragon was sitting at. This Samurai Mirumoto Kihiko stated that he was there when Mirumoto Aikeni had cut down the ronin. The Crab Accepted this and after given a stern lecture on the proper way to settle Blood feuds and a Fine for the damage to the sake house. He release Hajime to the world. Since then Hajime has simply been finding his way in Rokugan doing what ever he can to feed himself. He has gone to great lengths to learn how to duel well. He met a fellow Ronin that when by the name Daina and she was a great duelist after several mouths together she shared the technique" the Gaze of Sun Tao. They parted soon after, she caught Hajime with a Geisha. Somewhat later, Hajime was in Phoenix and there he seduced the young daughter of Isawa Joshi. Soon he found himself pursued by a very mad fire tensei who was throwing fire spells left and right. Only a great amount of luck saved Hajime from being incinerated. Isawa Joshi wants Hajime dead and has sent assassins and bounty hunters after Hajime. So far Hajime has managed to kill or dodge them but then again who wants a boring life.

Okami Hajime

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