Miya Daigoku


Daigoku is an attractive samurai from the Miya. He tends to simple tan kimono for riding in. He has a forgiving face that serves his job well. His katana and Wakazashi are normally worn in a style not common with samurai. They are almost vertical hung in his obi. It is part of what Daigoku wishes to put forth as being a man of peace.

Daigoku is a a peaceful man who would rather talk than fight. he comes across as a peaceful man. Daigoku doesn’t have hate in his body. he doesn’t even know the emotion He not afraid to removed generals the peace table and use others to replace them. He service the Empire by creating peace.


Daigoku was born to a long line of Miya peacekeepers, while their names were not recorded in the Records of the Empire for grand deeds. They were important. Daigoku was the son of Miya Genma and his wife Kakita Rei. He is the eldest of his three siblings, Sakura (15) has just received her Gempakku and Jiro (7) has just his training in the Miya Dojo. He was a good student in his schooling and really shined at the courtier aspect of peace making. in the few years of working for the Imperial, he has done well and been in little combat. however, in the few battles he has been in he has been wounded. he doubts his ability to get out of the way of weapons. In his home in Toshi Ranbo, he has in his quarters the Last Arrow that wounded him, he occasionally contemplates this arrow in an effort to understand his problem.

Miya Daigoku

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