Matsu Kanako

Akodo trained Matsu


Matsu Kanako dresses in classic Lion kimono and hakama. Kanako has Akodo mon with an Iron Tessen below on her left lapel and Matsu on her right.

Kanako is very different from many Matsu, sure she hates the Crane Clan but it is a cold hate not the fiery passion that normally cause duels between the Lion and Crane Atypical of Matsu Kanako has a great deal of patience and is very slow to anger. She always tries to keep in control of her emotions even when her own family is just itching to burst out.


Kanako is a very forceful lion. She comes from a very distinguished family and is cousins of both the Lion Champion and the Matsu Daimyo. The honour of her family allow her a chance to study in any school she wanted to. From a early age though she always wanted to study at the Akodo Tactician School. Something that most Matsu have trouble understanding having there always been a kind of duality between the Akodo and the Matsu. The truth of the matter is that her father, formally an Ikoma told her stories of Akodo One-eye and many of the other heroes of the the Lion Clan. Time and time again he would come back to Akodo Toturi and over time Matsu Kanako came to idealize the now Emperor, at the time of his death, Kanako wept openly as did many through out the Emperor, except Kanako wept for a warrior not a emperor. Still she had just started at the Akodo school, there would be many leasson to learn. Kanako felt almost guide through her studies by the stories of her father. As result Kanako values the Ikoma very highly.

Matsu Kanako

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