Ronin Hero of the People


A clean shaven man with a scar on hit left cheek, long black hair in a somewhat ratty ponytail. A well build and defined man, with years of traveling in the sun apparent as his darken complexion notes.

He is gruff and sarcastic to those who do not deserve his respect, which include arrogant, vain and overly proud samurai of any clan. A well known ronin with a number of duels under his obi. Will not back down for anyone.


Kita is the son of a important Crane bushi and a Geisha, That crane left his son in the geisha house only after he had a near death experience did he even bother to give his son a daisho. This fine Daisho is all he has from his father. Kita doesn’t even know his father’s true name. He was given the Daisho by a young Crane bushi on Kita’s tenth birthday. Since that day Kita has wandered Rokugan trying to survive while living within the code of Bushido. He has learn a number of skills over the years from the many ronin who walk the roads of Rokugan and occasional from other samurai. Kita has been a Yoruki for several magistrates over the years, it is a role he enjoys. Over the years hate for his father became hate for the Crane. Surprisingly Kita has won several duels with Crane and has a quiet reputation for dueling among Ronin of Rokugan. He hates those who target the weak more than anything else so he has been know to defend villages for season if they have need for defense. As of late he has returned to the road and again finds himself with nothing.


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