Kakita Utena

Kakita Wild Woman


Mane of off white hair with blue eyes like carved ice. A well build and toned woman that wears well cut blue kimono with white Hakama’s, her mon are done in silver thread Kakita over her left lapel Shiba over her right. She sometimes wears a kimono that make Shosuro Maru’s look modest. She can look like a woman’s woman or like a man if needed. Her body is well muscled should for some reason it comes into view.

Utena is self confident sure of herself kind of woman. She is strong will and doesn’t overly worry about what people think of her. Unlike many samurai-ko she doesn’t have a celibacy oath and is well know for her affairs. She stubborn and never back down if she can help it. she always obey her lord. She is very strong and fears no one! Most of the time she carries herself with a level of confidence reserved for Clan Champions.


Kakita Utena is the Daughter of Kakita Sakiri and Doji Hanko, Utena is the youngest of seven children of which are daughter. While all of Kakita Sakiri have become productive members for the Crane clan. Kakita Sakiri preyed for a son before the birth of his seven daughter Utena. Sakiri was very disappointed on the birth of yet another daughter and wondered what he deserved being curse so. He thought of taking a mistress but resigned himself to the fact he couldn’t do such a thing to his wife. As Utena got older it became clear than she was not a normal girl. while Sakiri had daughters enter the Kakita Academy like he did, he never had a daughter that was as aggressive and non-fearful as Utena. She got into fight with older boys and win. Do to her temper Sakiri volunteered Utena to be fostered to the Phoenix hoping that it would calm her aggressive tenacities. It didn’t work, While Utena found a focus in Kenjutsu of the Shiba Bushi School she remained a wild and intimating woman. The last draw was when she got into a fight with an full of himself Isawa and beat the stuffing out of him with her bare hands despite the fact the Isawa had drawn a Tanto on her. She returned to her family with a tarnish reputation.

Sakiri resigned himself to the fact that it was all his fault and retired to a monastery. With great irony as soon as he did that, it would be a short seven months his wife finally bore him a son. As Sakiri was returning from the monastery he was ambushed by bandits. They killed him and took what little he had and his horse. Utena was angry on hearing the death of her father. her rage was felt through out the Castle. She set off for the area that he was killed. She returned several day’s later with her father’s Daisho which she gave to her mother to give to her brother when he comes of age. Utena will not speak about the bandits she killed other than to confirm that they were slain at her hands. Since then Utena is well know for her antics of prowess both in and out of Kakita academy. Quiet whispers abound of her night time activities involving both men and women, though accusation are few and far between given Utena’s dueling ability.

Kakita Utena

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