Kakita Akane

Storytelling duelest


Black hair about little above the ears, with brown eyes. Her kimono is blue with silver cranes all over it the mon are done in darker blue, Kakita mon with a silver stripe to one side on the lapels and a large Crane mon on the back. Her hakama is brown for her training and informal garb, blue for formal wear.

She has a bad temper.she takes her honour very seriously and never backs down. has a soft spot for animals and children. She will never turn her back on either. She has a lot of compassion for a classic Crane duelist but she is all business when fighting or dueling.


Kakita Akane is the Bushi daughter of Kakita Hani and Doji Karimi. Karimi was a famous storyteller, well know at winter courts around the Empire. Privately, she taught many of her stories to her daughter. Akane favours romantic stories with happy endings, there are few in the history of the empire. Because her father was a Bushi she attended the Kakita Iaijutsu Academy were Akane was a fair student of Iaijutsu. Akane once got into an altercation with a Matsu Samurai-ko where she beat the Matsu with her bare hands. When her accuser claimed that she had been ambushed. Doji Akane was too shocked to speak. As her head raced to find some kind of reply, Doji Kenshin stepped in and stated that Kakita Akane was taking assisting him with some documents, thus the Matsu had to be mistaken. When the former master of Kosaten Shiro says Kakita Akane was with him, that settled the matter and the Matsu was humiliated. Akane owes the aging Crane a strong boon should he ever ask for it. She also has the hate of the Matsu who know that she was saved by Doji Kenshin’s rank. When Akane was 15, her father passed away causing her to become the guardian of her young sister Kenko. Kenko is now six years old and a charming if curious young girl. She is a little monkey at times causing no end of embarrassment for Akane. Fortunately Kenko is so cute that she reduces Hida Bushi into cooing play mates.

Kakita Akane

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