Ide Baranato - Seppuku

Head of the Ide family and Unicorn Parton


Baranato is a older gentleman. Like many Ide he follows Fashons much more inline with the rest of the empire rather than the clothes of the Moto.


Baranato is married to Ide Shikibu, and had two sons, Ide Michikane, and Ide Asamitsu.

Baranato was a generous, kind, jolly, and honorable man, but the death in 1157 of his son Michikane with an opium overdose made him change his demeanor had changed had become become self-righteous and fanatical against the opium trade. He accused True Word, most trusted assistant of city’s Emerald Magistrate Ashidaka Naritoki, of complicity in his son’s death.

Ide Baranato - Seppuku

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