Hida Rihiko

Hida Berserker turn Courtier


Hida is a huge Crab, that after years of being at a number of courts still can’t find a kimono maker that can make a kimono that fits him in a courtier style. He towers over most people at court. His kimono often clings to him like a second skin. Rihiko often has trouble moving around in his kimono and hakama. both are jet black with gray trim. His back has a large Hida mon on it and small crabs adorn his sleeves. He often can be found with a blue coloured fan tuck in his obi. A gift from a Crane lady.

Hida Rihiko use to be a raging beast that turned on the Shadowlands like a thunder storm. While still able to Rage in battle, Rihiko has found a level of peace in the courts of Rokugan. He is a gentle giant around children. He works very hard at trying to fit in at court despite the fact that his mere presents can intimidate people. Rihiko hates liars but understands that court is full of them and he can’t just break them in half.


Like many of Hida Berserker, Rihiko was a temperamental child who grew up to be one of the defenders of the wall. Rihiko is one of the largest Crab to Serve on the wall. Some say only Hida was bigger, others argue that there have been many large Crab of Rihiko’s size. Still he one of the biggest Crabs in living memory. He served for five years on the wall before fate took a strange twist. Hida Rihiko’s father became the Crab Ambassador to the Crane court at Kakita Kyuden. He insisted that his son serve as his Yojimbo. So Rihiko had to leave the wall and join his father at court. Both he and his father were ill prepared to deal with their new lives at court. While his father was a reasonable skilled diplomat he had only served in the courts of the Mantis Clan, Unicorn and his own Crab Clan Courts. Now the Crane foolishly bated Rihiko many time in those first weeks but there is an amazing thing that happens when someone can break stones with his hands, he hits people, they don’t get up for a while. Further it became clear that Rihiko was stuck here no matter what the Crane did or what Rihiko wanted. Over time one of two things happened with the Crane around Rihiko, they either began to respect Rihiko or fear him, in either case they stop hassling him. Rihiko manage to pick up a think or two in court and began to emulate the courtiers around him. While some might find his actions to be a parody of court. Several Crane members of court have come to admire Rihiko’s frank manner and honest effort.

Hida Rihiko

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