Hida Nabiki

Hida beauty Courtier


Hida Nabiki is a attractive young woman, who likes to dress in fine Kimono’s and Hakama’s in Red with Gray trim. The back of her kimono has a large Hida mon done in black with jade green trim. She often wears red or gray kote as well. Her Katana has a Red armband wrapped around the top of it saya. She often seems to have an evil look to her that some find intimidating, others find it intoxicating. Nabiki is not afraid to use either effect to full advantage.

Nabiki is a cunning trickster, who always has the last laugh. Hida Kanabi calls Nabiki “A Crab with a Scorpion heart.” Nabiki greeted the comment with a smirk. Like many of the Crab Courtiers in Toturi the Third’s Court, Nabiki is a former bushi from the wall. Her advantage over most of the others is that she has a better knack at understanding court intrigues. She also has her good looks and powerful voice that allow her to smooth over the rougher aspects of being raised by Crab parents. Like many successful Crab Courtiers, she views court as a battle field and exploits every drop out of her former bushi training.


Nabiki came from a fairly average Crab family, which of course means she had a father and mother who could take a thrust from a Katana and still fight even as the katana remained in them. Nabiki is the only child of her parents Hida Fujitsu and Hida Reniko. Both served on the wall and knew their daughter would follow them. As Nabiki grew up she found that she had a gift for tricking and gambling. She could also smooth talk her way out of most trouble. Still she trained on the wall in they way of the Hida. She continued her tricks on the wall. She also proved to have a good grasp of tactics too. She could lead and come up with good plans on the fly. She was promoted to Gunso when she was 17. She continued to play tricks and win battles along her section of wall. Her intelligence and adaptability interested Hida O-ushi. Hida Kanabi was the first to step forward into the role but after a while O-ushi found that he needed more Hida courtiers to try and keep some measure of influence in Court, if only to help keep his alliance with the Crane. Kanabi remembered a talented young Gunso with a glib tongue. Perhaps she could do the job well. Nabiki was promoted to court under Kanabi where she began to learn as much as she could. Kanabi has found that her tricks remained but she has also managed to gain a great deal of knowledge on how the Court works. Nabiki is now skilled enough to conduct her own plots. Something that both relieves and yet also frightens her. Nabiki loves her new role and works hard to make sure that she pulls off greater tricks at court than she could ever pull on the wall.

Hida Nabiki

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