Hantei Naseru

Hantei Naseru, the Anvil


Toturi Naseru, the third child of Toturi and Toturi Kaede, was born shortly after the beginning of the War of Spirits. Naseru was easily the most intellectual and serious of the Emperor’s children, earning the reputation as the most skilled player of Go in Rokugan. Naseru is a pipe smoker, and a talented musician who liked to play the samisen in private.

Toturi Naseru
Ambushed by Spirit Forces
In 1140 during the War of Spirits an influential Doji returned spirit betrayed the Steel Chrysanthemum with news of a secret ambush. Kaede’s magical powers would be negated with a gaijin lamp. The ninja assassins believed they could bind the kami from in a dream, long enough to murder her and kidnap her infant son, Naseru. One of the guards, Doji Masazumi, saved them destroying with an arrow the lamp, but the commander Doji Haranobu and many of his companions were killed.

End of the War
The Fourth child of Toturi I, Toturi Naseru was used as a bargaining chip to end the War of Spirits in 1150. One of the conditions set by Hantei XVI to end the war was that one of Toturi’s children would be tutored by the Hantei. Naseru officially changed his name to Hantei Naseru, to honor his teacher.

Hantei XVI’s Death
In 1155, in his fifth year of tutelage under the Steel Chrysanthemum, Naseru returned from one of his weeks of study missing his right eye. When confronted by his mother and father about this he deflected the questions, but revealed that Hantei XVI was now dead. He would still not explain the circumstances of the death and the loss of his eye. [

The Anvil
Naseru earned the nickname The Anvil, which accurately described both his resolve and the role he often fulfilled in the conflicts of the era. The cruelties Naseru suffered during his lessons from the old spirit molded Naseru into a cold, cunning, and patient man. Naseru was a capable statesman with a keen mind and quick eye for detail, whose weakness was its lack of compassion. He was quick to judge, quick to generalize, and quick to rationalize sacrifices for the greater good. As one of the most cunning and capable politicians in Rokugan, Naseru became indispensable to his father.

Brokering a Lion-Phoenix Alliance
Lion-Phoenix Alliance
In 1156 Naseru had brokered an alliance between Lion and the Phoenix, his plan was for Lion might and Isawa magic to smash the Shadowlands once and for all. When the alliance was used in the Dragon-Phoenix War instead in the Naseru’s plan, the Anvil used his spy network against the Lion. Much later Naseru told Mirumoto Junnosuke where was the weakness point of the Lion.

Hantei Naseru

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