Doji Ranma

Hatamoto to Doji Kurohito


Doji is very non-descript kind of samurai. Ranma is closing the youth of his life. Ranma was born close to the same time as Kurohito. His hakama and kimono are the finest quality but he doesn’t use a lot of fancy design. He is one of the hatamato to the Crane Champion as such his formal clothes are very elaborate on the rare occasions he wears them.

Doji Ranma is a stoic, careful man with a great deal of experience in life. He comes a cross as very capable with only a subdue arrogance. Ranma is supremely confident that he can always protect the Crane. He always has what he feels is the right answer. Ranma will always obey direct orders.


Doji Ranma is a child of a returned spirit, His father was Doji Kenden, a minor hero from before the rise of Iuchiban. Kenden had been one of the first returned spirits and he quickly encountered Kakita Sasiko a quiet samurai-ko of little reputation being a Yoriki to one of the dozens of Crane magistrates in the Crane lands. Kenden became smitten with her beauty, as it reminded him of his love from when he was alive. A love that died at the hands of Kenden’s worse enemy. Here was a second chance for him. Sasiko was betrothed to anyone at the time because of her low status in the Crane. Kenden promised the world to Sasiko’s father so that he could marry her. He did his best to come through managing to become a magistrate for the Crane despite he seeming lack of anyone remember him growing up. Ranma was born soon after their marriage too soon some might say. Despite this, they were a happy family. Ranma grew up with his father instilling him with a strong sense of loyalty to the Crane Clan and his family. Ranma grew up to become an able warrior. He also help with the raising of his siblings, Doji Kyuden Brother 27, Doji Eriko Sister 23, Doji Wakasai Brother 23, Doji Azumi sister 20, Doji Taka brother18, Doji Tsuko sister15, Doji Goro brother 12, and Doji Rai sister 6. As a result he quite close to his family. Ranma when to Kakita Acadamy to learn Kakita Iaijutsu Ryu. There he was a decent student of Iaijutsu but it was some time he spent talking with a visiting Scorpion that shaped part of his understanding loyalty. Bayushi Darin was a son of a very important Scorpion at court. He developed a friendship with Darin, who when to great length explained Scorpion loyalty to Ranma who became quite interested in it. Ranma came to follow the code of loyalty of the Scorpion except that his loyalty was to the Crane. His drive allowed him to advance as the Crane magistrate. He developed court skills and martial skills at the same time. Ranma has managed to risen to the ranks of Crane to the point that he the hatamato to the Crane Champion in regards of Logistics.

Doji Ranma

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