Doji Kurohito

The Current Crane Clan Champion


Doji Kurohito was the son of Doji Kuwanan and Doji Narumi. Kurohito was married to Doji Akiko and they had one daughter, Doji Domotai. He was born in 1133, after the death of his father.

Kurohito was born in 1133 the same day that Kumo wove a web of darkness of Otosan Uchi 1 whilst his father, Doji Kuwanan fought and died the Battle of Oblivion’s Gate at Volturnum. Moments after his birth these new were given to his mother, who was devastated, and her health immediately suffered. On the same day the sword Chukandomo was found washed up in a temple to Lady Doji on the coast of the Asahina lands. Doji Narumi decreed that this blade was a sign and would be wielded by Kurohito from the day of his gempukku. Unfortunately, the blade was cursed.

Early Rule
Doji Kurohito
Until Kurohito’s Gempukku, the Crane Clan were ruled by Kakita Kaiten acting as regent. Kurohito was an implacable enemy on any field, a deadly duelist, a tenacious general and a keen-minded politician. Following his gempukku in the year 1147 he assumed the Championship of the Crane and moved to suppress the rebellious spirits during the War of Spirits.

Fighting the Hantei
Being the Crane pressed severely by Hantei XVI’s forces during the War of Spirits, Kurohito ordered the Asahina Archers to take the field against the Hantei armies, an order that the archers refused to follow, bound by an oath they made after the Crane Civil War ended. It led to the seppuku of many of their senior senseis and the disgrace of the Asahina Archer School.

One of the returned spirits through Oblivion’s Gate was Isawa Akiko, the daughter of the Phoenix Thunder Isawa. Pursued by the Steel Chrysanthemum’s servants, who were seeking the secrets of Isawa’s Last Wish, Akiko begged for sanctuary before the gates of Kyuden Doji. During her time there, Kurohito and Akiko fell in love, and married. The marriage with Akiko established an alliance with the Phoenix.

When the War ended in 1150 the Emperor Toturi I commanded that all spirits should return to their rightful place, but Kurohito petitioned for Akiko to stay with him, saying he would kill himself if she was not allowed. In addition to Akiko Kurohito petitioned that any spirit loyal to Toturi would be allowed to stay. All would have to undergo a ritual to sever their connection with the Spirit Realms. The Emperor saw wisdom in this proposal and allowed it.

Doji Kurohito

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