Doji Kenshin

Grand Old Crane Sensei


Doji Kenshin is a old looking man in incredible shape for his age. Despite his aged appearance he actually looks 15 years younger than he is. Kenshin caries himself like an man who seen it all. Kenshin wears simple white Kimono and white hakama to show that he doesn’t fear they death that shall come On his back is the mon of the Crane clan.

Kenshin is a kind, respectful, old man. He is sort of the kind grandfather of Kosaten Shiro. He deeply enjoys teaching and often can be seen leading young students around the Castle teaching any number of the skills he has learned over his long life. Years of being around his wife Kaoru has also caused to love children. Kenshin has long forgotten most of his hate. Only the shadowlands can truly bring the hate back to the forefront. Then again, he will admit that he has out lived all of his enemies. He will not retire, he has chosen to die serving his clan like his beloved sensei did.


Kenshin was the First Son of Doji Taro and his wife Kakita Minako. Both of them were courtiers as their parent before them had been. The way of war was foreign to them. They never thought their son would be a warrior, let alone one of the greatest Iaijutsu master that the Crane has ever had. Kenshin showed very early in his life the kind of talent for being an Iaijutsu master. He was granted a place at the Kakita Iaijutsu Academy. He learn his lessons quickly and was transferred to the Class of Kakita Toshimoko. Toshimoko could see a fire in Kenshin’s eye that remind him of himself at that age. Kenshin learned his lessons well and became Toshimoko’s best student. Once he slipped out of the school to follow his sensei into the town. Toshimoko met up with his former student Doji Hoturi and they both when to a fine Geisha house. Kenshin slipped in and watch his sensei and Hoturi amuse themselves. He grew bored watching and wandered off to find his own entertainment. Toshimoko kept hearing the giggling of women in a room close to theirs that it became distracting so the when and investigated it. There they found Kenshin snuggled in the lap of one geisha as he played go with another. the sight struck Toshimoko and Hoturi so funny that they fell down from laughing so hard. Soon Kenshin found himself often going with Toshimoko and Hoturi to the geisha houses around the academy. Kenshin and Hoturi became good friends. Kenshin won the Topaz championship when he was fourteen. It was the beginning of what would be a long carrier of service to the Crane Clan. As result of him winning the Topaz Championship Kenshin was given a Kakita blade, while most Kakita blade have long poetic names this one was different. It is called Shin [heart]. Kenshin served as a Bodyguard to Hoturi first and then became a messenger for him.

It was during one of these message runs that Kenshin would gain the hate of the Lion. Hoturi had him run a message to a minor Akodo Daimyo. After Kenshin deliver his message Bayushi Kachiko brought a message to the same Daimyo. Kenshin was moved by both her beauty and intelligence. After tea was shared, one of the Lion Courtier present fell down dead. His face was flushed and his tongue black. He had clearly been poisoned. One of the Lion Yojimbo accused Bayushi Kachiko. She denied it. Kenshin found himself to ask for proof. The Yojimbo shot back that she was a Scorpion no other proof should be needed. A series of insults were exchanged between Kenshin and the Lion. A duel was called and accepted. Kenshin made short work of the Lion thus saving Kachiko’s reputation. Kenshin however, found that the Lion’s angry brother want revenge and another duel was fought. The Lion wouldn’t listen, in the end nine other relatives of the first fell before Kenshin’s blade. Later that night, Kachiko gave Kenshin a fan and a lock of her hair. Kenshin still has both after all these years. Kenshin returned shortly back to Kyuden Doji soon after a gift came from Bayushi Shoju. It was a fine lacquered box that depicts a Crane Bushi fighting ten lions [the animals] at once.

The most difficult and perhaps most glorious moment in Kenshin’s life was when he when to the Crab lands for Hoturi. Hida Kisada wouldn’t see a weak Crane. So Kenshin informed his host that he would take a watch on the wall of one full day in an effort to prove that the Crane are not weak. Kenshin put on his armour and the jade talisman that Hoturi had given him just in case and took his place on the wall. Kenshin walled the wall for most of a day and a night, just before the dawn that would end his shift a large army of goblins, oni and ogres closed on the wall. The battle was long and fierce. Hida Kisada had even come to the battle. After the last tainted oni fell and the goblins had run off. Kisada began to look for the Crane, knowing that if the Crane had died it might effect how much extra rice he could get for his troops. He found Kenshin govern in Goblin and Oni blood, his jade still pure. Kenshin’s statement was simple and clear “I need a bath.” Kisada laughed. The Kuni confirmed that Kenshin had drawn no taint during the battle. Kisada agreed to the Crane Terms and Kenshin had done his job. Kenshin also met O-ushi at this time, Kenshin remember O-ushi fondly and at the time it was rumored that Kenshin and O-ushi had an affair. Still they were both single at the time. They did remain friends during her long life.

In 1120, Kenshin met Kakita Kaoru, a fiery young Kakita woman while he had a stint teaching at Kakita Academy. He found her temper charming and her will to succeed lovely. He quickly fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage. Kaoru’s father agreed readily since it would advance his family greatly to have his daughter married to one of Hoturi’s friends. Kaoru objected and refused until Kenshin agreed to put off the wedding until after she finished her training and had her Gempakku. Kenshin agreed in an effort to have his marriage a happy one. Shortly after his marriage Hoturi appointed Kenshin the Daimyo in charge of Kosaten Shiro after its former master died without a heir, while the Daidoji rank and file grumbled about a Doji ruling the castle. Daidoji Uji was glad to have someone to do the administrative garbage while the Daidoji worked of the defense of the Crane lands. Ironically having to be master of the Kosaten Shiro has kept him from a number of battles. He was not there during the Scorpion Clan Coup. He didn’t see his friend Hoturi fall after giving a mortal wound to Fu Leng. At the beginning of the Crane Clan Civil war he let every Daidoji that want to follow Daidoji Uji free passage from Kosaten Shiro. When an Angry Doji Kuwanan asked why Kenshin replied with his most widely know statements. “A Daimyo Should be loyal to his men, or shouldn’t expect them to be loyal to him.” Indeed the Daidoji never did attack the castle during the war. Kenshin never when to Oblivions gate, he was the back up plan by Doji Kuwanan. in 1145 Kenshin “retired” however instead of becoming a monk he simply became a Bushi in the castle. he moved out of the main rooms and took one of the small married quarters and became just another bushi and did his wife. His only son Ichiro, was puzzled but gave in to his father’s request and took over command of the castle. however he die after a mishap with his horse only 5 years later thus forcing Kenshin to act as regent for his grandson Sahiko. Sahiko learn his lessons well from his father and Grandfather and now runs the castle. His brothers Shiro, Jiro and sisters Hasako, Akane and Sakura serve the clan else ware in the empire. Kenshin does more teaching than anything now. Occasionally there is talk of making retire properly, but Doji Kurohito quiets such talk with the statement “You can’t make legends do anything they were not destined to do.”

Doji Kenshin

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