Doji [Kaikita] Kaoru

Grandmother to Kosaten Shiro


Doji Kaoru is still a very strikingly beautiful women despite her age. She look much younger than her 60 years. She dress more often in female kimono now than she did when she was younger. Her kimono often are some shade of blue with Cranes embroidery on them. Sometimes she favours flower patterns mixed in with the cranes.

Kaoru has a soft spot for children and tends to get them out of trouble with guards of Kosaten Shiro and the like around the castle. Kaoru is normally cheerful and caring but can be very mean when angry, she even been know to get Kenshin to snap back sometimes. She never trips when running in her kimono a fact that amazes all women at Kosaten Shiro.


Kaoru was the daughter of a minor Kakita Samurai. She has always had trouble with her temper and her father wanted her to learn to control it. She managed to send her to Kakita Iaijutsu Academy where she learned to temper her temper with the way of the sword. She wasn’t the best student nor was she the worse student. When her father, said there was a man interested in marring her. Kaoru was angry. She wanted to be a Bushi. She demanded that she be allowed to finish her schooling. Think that no man seeking a bride would agree to that. Surprisingly, she learn a couple days later that the man was willing to wait. Kaoru was surprised, she decided that any man that would agree to such a selfish demand must be ugly. She prepared herself for the worse after her Genpakku, she was very surprised to see the note worthy Sensei, Doji Kenshin, was there to be her husband. She never asked why and began her long happy marriage. It took some time to get use to the company Kenshin kept. They were the most important members of the Crane Clan. There was more than a few incidents of Kaoru’s temper that angered some of the High level Cranes, but between Kenshin, Toshimoko and Hoturi, they kept Kaoru from serious harm. With Kenshin at her side, Kaoru quickly became better at Iaijutsu that many of her class mates. Quickly, it became clear that Kaoru need no Yojimbo as she was one of the finest duelist in the land. The number of people could beat her became a small handful. Over time the number of courts, she attend with Kenshin grew beyond counting. She became know for ability to play kamari, in fact it became her favour part of any court. She became and expert at it. Over the years she mange only to bear Kenshin one Child. Still He managed to have six children of his own which makes Kaoru very happy as she spoils her grandchildren endlessly. Last winter, Kenshin and Kaoru attended Imperial Winter Court for the first time in seven years. Kaoru got into and argument with a young Scorpion woman about Kaoru being an old women. Kaoru challenge her to a duel and the Scorpion picked Kamari. Kaoru told her that it was too unfair that the Scorpion would need at least 20 people to be her. the Scorpion accepted and gather 20 people while the court watch Doji Kaoru took on 21 other players in Kamari. Eight hours later, not a single opponent could stand, let alone play. Kaoru claimed her victory with a smirk. As of late there have been a string of challenges to Kamari through Kosaten Shiro, Kaoru has manage to win every time. Among the Crane she is considered to be the grandmaster of Kamari. Kaoru has gone about helping her Grandson to reorganize his Attacked castle and holds thing together for him as he tries to find the answer to the How and why questions that assault the Crane. Kaoru is very worried about her husband who is enraged by the action of the Dragon. She hopes he will not do anything too rash but knows that she cannot talk him out of it. The have had a long life together, perhaps it for the best that Kenshin remembers what it is to fight in battle. Kaoru has to admit she has grown more accustomed to being a woman than the fiery Samurai-ko of her youth.

Doji [Kaikita] Kaoru

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