Ronin duelist, sensei and tactician.


Location: Unknown.
Chiang-Tsu’s common appearance is a wizened old man,


Chiang-Tsu was a revered ronin duelist, sensei and tactician.

Chiang-Tsu was born among the peasantry of a small village in an unaligned region of the Empire. Before he reached the age of twenty, Chiang-Tsu left his family and joined the Brotherhood of Shinsei. The Brotherhood’s means of discouraging frivolous adherents did not appeal to Chiang-Tsu, who after less than five years abandoned his oaths.


In the five next decades Chiang-Tsu was considered a hero among the ronin, a gifted warrior, a brilliant teacher, and a philosopher. He gave counsel to relevant individuals as Toturi Tsudao or Toturi Koshei.

Yoritomo Chimori
Yoritomo Chimori was presumed dead for years, cut down in a duel by the nephew of a Suzume Daimyo. When Chimori awoke days after the duel he didn’t understand how it could be alive. Chiang-Tsu, who officiated over the duel, had saved him by falsely declaring him dead. He tended to Chimori’s wounds for over a year, all the while teaching him of philosophy, theology and Bushido until Chimori was completely healed, returning to the Empire as a changed man.


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