Bayushi Sunetra

Aid to the Anvil


Location: Otosan Uchi
Sunetra was clever, inquisitive, manipulative, witty, beautiful, and deadly, the perfect spy. The Scorpion lords often call upon her when all else has failed. She had overcome many of her clan’s enemies with her sword, but had defeated many more with her poise, grace, and ice-blue eyes.


Sunetra joined the Red Crane Dojo, and grew up as an example of Scorpion beauty. Though it bored her, Sunetra trained with the sword. Her time at court caught the attention of Hantei Naseru. Her respect for the Anvil grew to a level bordering on adoration. He offered her a position in his service, acting as a messenger, and an enforcer.

Bayushi Sunetra

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