Bayushi Kaukatsu

Scorpion Imperial Court Ambassdor


Location: Otosan Uchi


Kaukatsu’s father was Bayushi Goshiu. Kaukatsu learned from his father’s example, how to extend his influence into every ruling family in Rokugan.

Scorpion Clan Coup
Kaukatsu was not aware of the Scorpion Coup in 1123. He was sent to Kyuden Miya by his father two days before it.

Master Courtier
When the Scorpion were reinstalled after the Clan War, a young Kaukatsu entered the courts on his clan’s behalf. Alter a few years he was beside master courtiers as Ide Tadaji and Ikoma Sume. Kaukatsu was considered one of the most dangerous men in the Empire, though he had never marched into battle. A master of the Scorpion arts of blackmail, rumor and coercion, there were few samurai whose secrets he did not possess, and fewer still that dared to oppose him in court. Kaukatsu prefered to wear a simple half-mask that only covered his upper face.

In 1157 Kaukatsu proved false the accusations to Tokagure, Yasuko’s father. Yasuko, whose father died in shame, swore her loyalty to him, and entered the Honor’s Lesson Dojo under the tutelage of Soshi Tishi. the attractive young maiden would prove a useful tool later.
Kaukatsu had little respect for his son, Bayushi Ogura, considering his calling as a shugenja strange and aberrant. Ogura, in turn, thought his father foolish and closed-minded. As his father’s service offered little opportunity, Ogura’s ambition drove him to seek help elsewhere.

Bayushi Kaukatsu

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