Bayushi Kanari

Scorpion Cheerful Yojimbo


Location: Otosan Uchi
Kanari wears her hair short. She wears Red Kimonos with Black trim, with Bayushi mon on her lapels and her back. Her sleeves have a bastardization of the Bayushi motto in Kanji they say I can Swim with honour. Kanari is a very beautiful and has an air of seductive innocents around her. She never wears a mask, at formal Scorpion events she wears a thin red ribbon beneath her nose tied behind her head, that she laughingly calls her mask.

Kanari is helpful and cheerful. She will always lend a hand thinking nothing about reward of favor. She acts truly innocently despite her clan. Many are weary around her because they fear what she might really be.“She truthful, honest and caring. Is she a honourable Scorpion, an enigma or an elaborate hoax? One can never be sure.” Doji Tengen is the best summary of how others view her.


Kanari is a bit of an enigma, she has pure blooded Scorpion parents who are loyal scorpion who never put much stock in Bushido. Kanari has no non-Scorpion relatives, she never until her gempakku ever set foot outside Scorpion lands, and still she is Junshin. She is a happy go lucky person always cheerful, always caring and above all, honourable. No one could figure out what to do with her, they were convince she had some use, after all she was so damn likable that even her sensei had trouble actually trying to enforce their will on her. She has travelled to minor courts in the short time since her gempukku.

Bayushi Kanari

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