Bayushi Dikyo

Scorpion Shirekan


Location: Kyuden Bayushi
Dikyo looks a like a man half his age, he always had a baby face look to him and while now he at least looks like a bushi, in years passed he was totally innocent looking. Something handy for a Scorpion Bushi but not always the best thing on the battle field. As a result his Menpo that he wears on the battle field is an artistic masterpiece of demonic looking menpo. It looks so much like a Oni that some Crab are convinced that Dikyo wears the preserved face of a oni into battle. In court, Dikyo wears kimono fitting a Scorpion General, it has a large Scorpion Mon on the back ans Bayushi mon on both lapels The tail of the scorpion is a dark blue rather than the black the rest of the mon is done in. It is the mark of the Bayushi Bushi Dojo before the Honour’s Lesson Dojo. Few men care themselves with the confidence of Dikyo.

Dikyo is a good if untested general. Dikyo is coolly confident in his own abilities and does want someone, anyone to attack the Scorpion directly just to show the empire that the Scorpion are not just good courtiers but military commanders and bushi as well.


Dikyo is the oldest of seven Children of Bayushi Saiken and Soshi Kanako. He has four younger brothers, Sakiro 34, Eikiro 30, Sakire 26, and Sakine 12 and two younger sisters, Nariko 24 and Fujiko 18. Dikyo trained loyally in the Bayushi Bushi Ryu. During this time he was able to read Bayushi’s Lies. He excelled his studies as a result making his family very proud. He quickly rise in the ranks of the Scorpion both due to his ability and his clear loyalty to the Scorpion Clan. one of few battles involving Dikyo that is known outside the Scorpion is a small border battle in 1155. Dikyo had a mere 30 men and found himself in battle with a 60 lions, but these were not ordinary lions but it was a unit of the Lion’s Pride. somehow he found and exploited a weakness in the Matsu tactics and managed to break their formation plunging the unit in to chaos, in the Matsu’s attempt to regroup Dikyo’s unit was able to defeat the unit. the Lion were reduced to a mere five women. Dikyo stopped the fighting. He told the members remaining “Leave withdraw from these borders, for you cannot win. No samurai trained as I have been has ever been defeated in battle.” The Matsu demanded battle, Dikyo then challenged that the best duelist they had should face him in a duel, If he won the remaining Matsu would return to the Lion lands. If the Matsu won, she could take the Dikyo’s unit captive. the Matsu accepted and then died in the duel with Dikyo so the remaining four returned to the Lion.

If there was ever one joy in Dikyo’s life it was Kakita Saishiko, the beautiful Crane artisan was married to Dikyo when he was 21, which was sort of late but the Crane that Dikyo was originally betrothed died of illness before the wedding day was arranged. The Crane had taken some time to find a replacement. like many marriages the two of them knew little of each other tastes and had very different interests. Despite this the marriage became a very happy one and Saishiko bore Dikyo a son named Dairo and a daughter named Sashiko three years ago, Saishiko’s father was implicated in a plot to kill Kurohito, this was repressed by the Crane so few know about it. However, Kurohito order that all of his family commit seppaku. Officially it was a request, since Kurohito could not order Saishiko death, however years of living with the Scorpion had taught Saishiko loyalty. She complied with the her former Daimyo’s wishes anyway. Tearfully, she left her family and Dikyo was her second. Since then Dikyo take care of his children with no help from anyone as they are his connection to Saishiko. He understood her choice, but still loves her and their are few days that he doesn’t think of that smiling face that had brought him so much joy.

Bayushi Dikyo

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